March 29, 2011

Introduction of Kyoto Sannenzaka

We often travel to Kyoto to meet our business partners. During the business trip, we took this quiet night street photo nearby Kyoto Sannenzaka Slope (stone-paved path) close to Kiyomizu temple. (If you search “Kyoto Sannenzaka” on Google Maps, you will find the direction.) Sannenzaka means three years slope and the slope is made of lots of stone steps. There is a rumor that if you fall down at Sannenzaka something bad will happen on you within three years. So you need to be careful when you walk along Sannenzaka!!
Along Sannenzaka, you can find lots of small shops and restaurants that sell traditional items and cuisine. This path is a dating course for young people and a fantastic place to see Kyoto style (traditional wood-made) houses for all travelers. If you have a chance, please look for the path we took this photo. This is a very moody location!

Thank you,
-       Ken, President

March 17, 2011

Shipping fee campaign

Hello and Welcome to,

However northeast Japan has still troubles after the huge earthquake of 3.11, thanks to all the help from the world, the situation is getting recovered a little by little. The remaining big issues are the nuclear plant fire (in Fukushima), the refugee supports and the electricity shortage in Tokyo (for 40 million citizens!).
No radiation observed in Tokyo.

As an opening campaign of, we have decided to offer free shipping charge for overseas customers purchasing the total amount of over 10,000 JPY. For Japan domestic customers, we offer free shipping charge if you purchase the total amount of over 5,000 JPY.

Thank you!
-       Ken , President

Ume flower bloomed in the park near by our offfice

March 14, 2011

Notice board: Our daily operation temporarily closed on March 14th

Dear customer,

Due to electricity power down in Tokyo city (caused from the big earthquake happened on March 11th in Japan), we will temporarily stop our daily operation on March 14th. You can place an order, but the delivery will be delayed until the next business day. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Ken, President

March 11, 2011

Very big earthquake

We had a very big earthquake of Magnitude 9.0 off the east coast of Japan island. A big Tsunami hit Sendai city. Very sorry for those people hit by the Tsunami. We felt a very big shake in Tokyo but we are ok.

Ken, President

March 3, 2011 open

Hello and welcome to

We start our Web shopping store today (March 3rd, 2011). I operate this Web Site from my Tokyo office with my colleague. We are both Japanese. Our concept is to collect Japanese hand-made crafts that are traditional but still useful for present daily routine life, and we introduce and promote them to overseas visitors and customers visiting our Web Site. Why traditional items? – Because, in any country of the world, we need to learn from ancient wisdom. It is something that brings to us an eco style of life, a healthiness of life, plus a beauty of life. We believe that there are always something to learn from history and that we need to enhance the ancient wisdom to the future.

Today is the special day for celebrating little girls in Japan. Those families who have little daughters display at home the sets of dolls (wearing graceful ancient costumes) as shown in the photograph above for wishing daughters’ healthy growth. These dolls are arranged in terraced steps, and the tow dolls on the top step represent emperor and empress, and three dolls on the second step from the top represent court ladies. These dolls should be put away after March 3rd; otherwise it is believed that the girls will have little chance of getting married.
These sets of dolls shown are sold between the price 100,000 Yen to 200,000 Yen at department stores. Very expensive!  This photograph is taken at a department store in Shinjuku, one of the largest shopping areas in Tokyo.

This special day is the yearly event and called as “Hina-Matsuri” (meaning dolls festival for girls). This yearly event was originated in Heian-era approximately 1,000 years ago in Japan.

Thank you!
Ken Yoshimura, President

 Small snakes made of rice typically eaten on this girl’s day (called Hina-Arare)