January 26, 2014

Currency converter link recovered

Hello and Welcome to www.nipponcraft.com,

Since www.fx-rate.net has come back, our currency converter link has been recovered.

Thank you very much.

January 25, 2014

We temporarily remove currency converter from shopping pages.

Hello and Welcome to www.nipponcraft.com,

We place a currency converter in every shopping page for customers' convenience, and we get the converting information from  www.fx-rate.com. However, since this site currently seems to be offline due to some server problem or server maintenance, we temporarily remove the converter from the shopping page. When the page comes back, we will place the converter again. Sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding in advance. So of January 25th, $1 US=102 Yen, 1 EUR=140 Yen.

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January 15, 2014

We accept orders from Spain by email

Hello and Welcome to www.nipponcraft.com,

We would like to accept orders from Spain by email, not through our website. We used to accept orders from Spain through this web, however it turned out that the import tax imposed on Japanese textile products, such as noren curtains and tenugui hand towels, are very high. We received comments and claims from several customers in Spain that the taxes were over 20€ for 25€-30€ purchases. These taxes are calculated and levied by Spanish government and customs, therefore we have nothing to do as a foreign country seller. However, we start to think that we need prior acknowledgments of customers to sell our products to Spanish customers. So, we will take orders from Spanish customers who kindly understand this tax situation in advance.

For Spanish customers, please send your order by email and then we will reply back to you and explain the tax situation based upon our previous experience. If the tax situation is acceptable for you, we will separately send you an invoice and ship your order.

For other EU countries, we have not received any tax claims before. Presumably, 20% VAT is imposed on the Japanese crafts, equally judged with domestic shopping.

For business between Japan - US and Japan - Australia, the situation seems more like free trade...

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January 4, 2014

New Arita-yaki porcelains cups added

Hello and Welcome to www.nipponcraft.com,

We have newly added "Arita-yaki" porcelains tea and soup cups. Arita-yaki is the porcelain brand manufactured around Arita region in Saga Prefecture, Kyushu Island. The porcelain production started about 400 years ago in Arita.

A pair of Mount Fuji Cups (3.3 fl oz)

Flower Cup (6 fl oz)

Apple Cup (6 fl oz)

Set of Three Tea/Soup Cups (3.3 fl oz each)

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New Sensu folding fans and tenugui hand towels added

Hello and Welcome to www.nipponcraft.com,

New sensu folding fans and tenugui hand towels have been added.

Monotone "Sumi-e" hand-brushing design
(30.3 cm radius)

Premium Autumn Color Sensu

Dragon Fly Sensu

Two Koi Fishes Sensu

Monotone Frog and Rabbits Sensu (design from an ancient scroll paint)

Abacus tenugui hand towel

Pink Sakura tenugui hand towel

Dragon tenugui hand towel

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New noren curtains added

Hello and Welcome to www.nipponcraft.com,

Happy New Year of 2014. We wish all the best to you through the year.

We have added new design noren curtains. All of them are great for your decor!

Dark Blue Dragon Noren

Black Circle Noren

Ukiyo-e Noren (Mount Fuji looking through a huge tab)

Pink Embroideries Noren

Short length (90cm) Water Birds Noren
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