April 9, 2017

Sakura Season in Japan

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As an yearly event of our blog, we are uploading some photos of this year's Sakura flowers that start to bloom in full in Japan. The Sakura are coming slowly than usual this year, because it was still very cold for the Sakura at the end of March. Although the Sakura season in Tokyo are ending now with today's rain and strong wind, but the best season of other areas are still ahead.

New semester and also new fiscal year of many companies begin in this Sakura season, so the Sakura and the fresh year is a cultural set in Japan.

As shown in the bottom photograph, it is allowed in Japan to have alcohol outside. People of all ages enjoy talking, eating and drinking under the full bloom Sakura. This customary event of "HANAMI" (Sakura picnic) dates back in the 17th century. "HANAMI" may be an excuse for having fun outside. After the party outside, people are encouraged to take back the trashes home...

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