January 25, 2012

Update of slide shows

Hello and Welcome to www.nipponcraft.com

We have updated the top page slide shows. This time we feature a traditional festival in which naked men carry Mikoshi shrine into the cold winter ocean. This ceremony was conducted for celebrating the new adults who have just become 20 years old. We shot these photos on January 15th, 2012 at Enoshima in Fujisawa city, Kanagawa prefecture.
You can encounter this kind of naked men festivals at many places in Japan, and getting naked at a shrine's festival is a sacred way to approach God. 

Carrying Mikoshi into the sea, Enoshima
We hope you will find the slide shows curious.

Thank you!

January 14, 2012

Custom made noren added

Hello and Welcome to www.nipponcraft.com,
For making customers' choice wider, I have introduced custom made noren curtain options - one option is that customer select his/her favorite kanji character and we dye it.  Another option is that we make up customer's own sizing noren for making it to fit your room and purpose.

We have more than 2,000 kanji characters normally used in Japan and I have selected some of  them for your choice. I have picked up those kanji characters that I think many global people may be interested in. Please check here if you are interested in.
By the way, we learn those 2,000 characters at school but many people are not able to write them all. Neither do I! When we forget the writing of kanji (or spelling?), we substitute it by writing in Hiragana that consist of 46 letters representing all Japanese main pronunciations.

kanji noren
Yume means dream
Here, you can choose your own sizing noren of height between  90cm-150cm (35.4"-59.0")  and the width between 120cm-170cm (47.2"-66.9").  Because of the design layout, we only have lucky cats noren for order sizing.
Please check this page.

order size noren
order size noren for fitting your home!
Thank you!

January 7, 2012

Flat-fee shipping

Hello and Welcome to www.nipponcraft.com,

May this 2012 new year be as happy as ever to global people.

I have been considering what is the reasonable, affordable and acceptable cost for global customers to ship goods overseas from Japan. And I have come up to a flat-fee shipping and FREE shipping options to worldwide. The shipping fee depends on the destination no matter how large or small your order. We offer flat-fee shipping and FREE options from today for shopping at www.nipponcraft.com

  • Shipping to ASIA
            1,200JPY (approximately 16USD) and FREE for order over 12,000JPY
  • Shipping to North America and Oceania (USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand)
            1,500JPY (approximately 20USD) and FREE for order over 15,000JPY
  • Shipping to UK and EU
            1,800JPY (approximately 24USD) and FREE for order over 18,000JPY
  • Shipping to South America
            2,400JPY (approximately 31USD) and FREE for order over 20,000JPY

We ship your ordered goods via EMS express delivery service by Japan Post in conjunction with your country's postal service. EMS is equipped with a tracking code and is protected by insurance when the parcel is lost or damaged while on the way to destination.
If you order a few items, it definitely saves your shipping cost.

For details, please refer to this page.

Thank you!