August 30, 2011

Japan Block Fair in NYC

Hello and Welcome to

On August 21st, we participated in Japan Block Fair in NYC. Lots of guests visited the fair and thanks many customers for coming into our booth! We also enjoyed communicating with New York people.
The Japan Block Fair is the Japanese culture events held occasionally in NYC every year and it was our first time to get a chance to participate.
On the day, the weather was fine in the morning and through 4:30pm, but it was unfortunate that we were hit by a sudden T-storm just after 4:30pm, when we had to close our booth. Very much sorry for the guests to whom we told that we would stay until 6:00pm. We had to leave after the sudden storm!

Madison Avenue b/w 43rd and 44th

Our shop decorated with our handmade flags

 You can find the whole photos of this event at the following :

We flew back to Japan last week, but if our back flight had been this weekend we would be hit by the hurricane and could not make a back flight! This was fortunate.

We are looking forward to meeting with New Yorkers in the future again. We will make a chance to participate in this event again.

Thank you,

August 7, 2011

Shop closed from August 11th to August 25th, 2011

Hello and Welcome to Nipponcraft,

This is a note about our summer holidays.
We will suspend our shipping and delivery process from August 11th to August 26th, 2011 due to our business trip to USA and summer vacation. No one will be at the shop during this term. The shipping of goods from our site (Japan) will be delayed until August 26th if you place an order after August 11th.
Sorry for this inconvenience.

- Ken
Shop manager