October 31, 2012

Mail to Yahoo domain recovered

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For the meanwhile I could not send emails to Yahoo domain, but I could finally fix the problem. Now we can send and reply emails to Yahoo domain.
I changed my smtp server setting. There was a mismatch between our email account name and smtp service name, by that our emails were detected as a spam mail by Yahoo DNS.

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October 25, 2012

REPLY to Yahoo mail deferred or undelivered

Hello and Welcome to www.nipponcraft.com,

For the past several weeks, we could not reply to customers' questions coming from Yahoo emails. Most emails we replied to Yahoo were either deferred or undelivered due to timeout errors. This phenomena  looks happened especially to Yahoo EU/UK domains. These may come from recipitients' anti-spam firewall settings.
If you didn't get a reply from us for a while, please have a try by Twitter or facebook.

Here I would like to answer today's question regarding our shipping to French Polynesia.
We can offer shipping via a small parcel service, but not via EMS (Express mail service), under the following conditions, because Japanese EMS does not offer delivering goods to Tahiti.

1) Please allow 10 to 14 days before arriving to French Polynesia.
2) The parcel's insurance equipped with the delivery service is limited to 6,000 JPY (~60 EURO).
3) The weight of a small parcel service is limited to 1 kg, approximately equivalent to 10 pieces of tenugui.
4) Nipponcrafts sets the delivery fee 1,800JPY(~18 EURO) to Tahiti, which is the same to France mainland.

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October 20, 2012

New products lineup

Hello and Welcome to www.nipponcraft.com,

We would like to announce that we have added new products lineups on our web shop.
Besides textile products, we have started to deal Japanese traditional potteries, wooden trays and cups.

Kutani-yaki ceramics
Kutani-yaki cup

Kutani-yaki are Japanese traditional ceramics that have 350 years production history in Ishikawa prefecture, which is facing to the Japan Sea. Kutani-yaki is light but still solid. Kutani-yaki are beautifully painted cups, dishes and ornaments. This time, we have select beautifully painted small cups (each about 300cc (10 fl oz) capacity) suitable for drinking sake. These cups come with wooden boxes that are also painted by the same artisans who painted the cups. The drawn pictures are birds, flowers and Japanese traditional motifs.
Please take a visit at Kutani-yaki category.

Kaba-zaiku wooden tray

Kaba-zaiku tray
Kaba-zaiku wooden crafts are made of Japanese cherry trees' barks. Thin cheery barks are pasted on wooden trays. This bark crafting is the traditional work in Akita prefecture, which is the northern part of Japan main island (Honshu). We have selected some Kaba-zaiku trays and listed on our website.For maintaining the crafts, please don not wash the product in a dishwasher.

Yamanaka lacquerware

Yamanaka lacuerware cup

Yamanaka lacuerware tray

Yamanaka lacquer wares are traditional craft products in Ishikawa prefecture. They strive to keep the natural tastes of woods. This time, we have selected some trays and cups that are made of woods grown in Japan. It is true that many Japanese wooden products are made from woods grown in North American continent these days, but we have selected regional products to offer Japanese local taste.
According to a study, lacuerwares  have a strong antibacterial effect and they restrain the growth of bacteria. Lacuerwares made from100% natural strongly fight against E coli and aureus, and are free from environmental hormones.
Again, for maintaining the crafts, please don not wash the product in a dishwasher.

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October 18, 2012

More new noren curtains added

Hello and Welcome to www.nipponcraft.com,

We have added 14 new design noren curtains. These ones are from a noren producer at Asakusa, Tokyo. They have been producing various design noren curtains for years.
Please take a look if you find new ones that interest you.

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