December 29, 2015

About our new year's holiday

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We would like to inform that we will have the new year's holiday from 30/12/2015 (Wednesday) to 3/1/2016 (Sunday). We will restart working and shipping on 4/1/2016 (Monday).
Thank you for your understanding about our holiday. May you have a Happy New Year!

- Nipponcraft manager

December 24, 2015

New Shikishi Paperboards added

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A Merry Christmas to you!

We have added new Shikishi paperboards to our webstore for the new year shopping.

A Shikishi is a rectangular (close to square size) design paperboard whose size is 24.3 cm W X 27.2 cm H. It is a paperboard for autographs on the backside, but it can be an interior decoration. (A display stand and wall-hanging plate are optionally available.)
These Shikishi are produced by a Washi-paper crafts company in Kyoto.
And, we have a display stand and wall-hanging plate for displaying the Shikishi.

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December 7, 2015

New silk-made wallets

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We would like to announce new silk-made wallets and purses. Please visit for more.

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November 16, 2015

Our deep grief to France

We are very very sorry to hear the tragedy occurred in Paris, and we express our deep grief and sympathy to French citizens and to the victims.
We believe in French people's bravery for acting towards peace, safety, and justice.
- From NipponCraft

October 31, 2015

New Gamaguchi (silk-made small wallets) added

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We added new Gamaguchi wallets that are made from Nishijin-ori silk textiles.
We display these wallets at
The dimensions are approximately 9cm(W) x 5cm(D) x 6cm(H).

Nishijin-ori is the brand name of silk textiles that are woven in Kyoto. Nishijin-ori is usually used for women's Kimono Obi (belts), but also used for men's neckties and for other small gift items.

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October 11, 2015

New Kakejiku (scroll art-printing) added

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We have uploaded new Kakejiku (scroll art printed on silk fabric) on
The Kakejiku measure 44.5 cm wide X 175 cm deep.
Please enjoy Kakejiku for a wall hanging decoration.

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