March 3, 2018

NipponCraft's 7th Anniversay

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Today, March 3rd 2018, is the Nipponcraft's 7th anniversary. We appreciate many customers from all the world.

Today is also "Hinamatsuri" Day for wishing little girls' healthy and happy futures. Families with daughters celebrate the day by displaying dolls at home.

The following photographs were recently taken at the "Hinamatsuri" event held at Kounosu City in Saitama Prefecture. Many families contributed old "Hinamatsuri" dolls to the city, and the organizer reuses the dolls for the event. They built a dolls pyramid at a shopping center! In the medieval times, many doll-making artisans moved to the city and the city has become the production area of "Hianamatsuri" dolls since then.

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