March 9, 2019

"Taru" sake barrels section added

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One of our customers once asked us to look for sake barrels for his sushi bar interior decoration. We could not find out barrel makers for a while, but finally reach to one of the makers in Hyogo Prefecture. When I visited a fair of traditional crafts, I heard that sake barrels are made only in Hyogo Prefecture, which became a clue of finding out! 

So, we have setup the section of "Taru" sake barrels for interior decoration:
These items will be produced and available on a customer's order.

Each barrel is approx. 40 cm across and 44 cm high. The weight is 2.3 kg. A real sake barrel for transporting liquor is made of cedar wood covered with woven straws for cushion, but the interior decoration mode is a mock-up made of polymers. Since the mock-ups are not so heavy, you can stack them up like the photo below.

We also have a very large model for floor stand display. The size of the large model is 56 cm across and 64 cm high, and the wight is 5 kg.

We have 8 designs for sale. The followings are some of them.

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March 3, 2019

NipponCraft 8th Birthday

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Today March 3rd is the NipponCraft's 8th birthday! Thank you to many customers and visitors for supporting our business. We are dealing Japanese traditional crafts for those loving oriental designs and touches. So far, we have received lots of feedback our items and service. Many thanks for those comments! We always listen to them. 

We have a facebook page introducing our nature and culture with lots of photographs. If you have a chance, please visit the page, too.

Today is also "Hinamatsuri" day in Japan. Wising all little girls happy future and healthy growth!

"Hinamatsuri" dolls

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