November 26, 2013

PayPal Payment Screen Multi-Language Issue - Workaround

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After you place an order and proceed the checkout, if you see our payment screen in Japanese, not in English, please have a try and click the payment link that you will find in your order confirmation email twice. Then, in the second time click and transit to the payment screen, the screen will be displayed in English.  This Japanese language screen doesn't happen all the time, but some customers kindly reported to us.

Since our web site is configured in English, the payment screen should be displayed in English..
I called up PayPal Japan support team today, and have found this is the issue that PayPal is working on for a while, but that they have not come up to the final resolution yet. Other workaround I am taught from PayPal support is to delete cookies of the browser on PC.

Sorry for this inconvenience and we hope these workarounds will be acceptable for you for a meanwhile. Thank you for your corporation!

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this article.

Ken Yoshimura, the shop owner

November 21, 2013

Kakejiku scroll painting added

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Kakejiku are Japanese traditional scroll paintings with designed entities that have been believed lucky for years.  These entities are typically cranes, koi fishes, monkeys, pine trees, plum trees, bamboo, peony, lotus flower, and Mt Fuji. By displaying Kakejiku inside living room, people feel lucky. So, Kakejiki are beyond art and are something that bring fortune to home and family.
For overseas customers, we recommend to display them for wall arts.

To display Kakejiki, just hang the painting on the wall with the string attached on the top. It is the same as ordinary painting except that the dimensions are 44.5 cm W X 175 cm L (17 1/2"W X 69"L).

If you are interested in, please visit Kakejiki category here.

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November 17, 2013

New Sensu folding fans added

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We added 6 new lineup of sensu folding fans. 4 sensu are ladies' fans and 2 for gentlemen. Ladies' fans are a little smaller than these for gentlemen. The classification between ladies' fans and gentleman's fans come from Japanese living culture and the ladies' fans printed design tend to be flowers and the background color for ladies tend to be subtle. However if you wish to utilise sensu for home decor, it doesn't matter whether the item is originally designed for ladies or men's.
How about adding sensu fans to your interior?
Buddhist sutra design (lady fan)
Kikyo flower design (lady fan)
Unique Dai-tai-ji design (lady fan)
Pink Kikyo flower design (lady fan)
Rabbit Moon design (men's fan)
Premium dragon fly design (men's fan)
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November 16, 2013

Ten'mari - handmade balls for your collection

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We have refilled stock of handmade "ten'mari" balls. Nice for your home decor, and for your art collection. Please visit ten'maru category here.
They are all hand-stitched with lots of work. All design motifs come from the nature image where the ball is made - mainly flowers and trees grown in the region.
We spent lots of time to establish direct relationship with these ten'mari artisans. Quite unique art products hardly found at other places!

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November 14, 2013

New gauze tenugui added

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We have added new design gauze tenugui. They are gauze handkerchiefs of tenugui style with two pieces of gauze attached together. Gauze tenugui are refreshing all the time. Please visit gauze tenugui category page here. These products are unique and you can hardly find these except at large department stores in Ginza, Tokyo.


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New Ukiyo-e noren curtains, furoshiki wrapping & tenugui hand towels

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We have added new Ukiyo-e noren curtains, some new design furoshiki cloths and tenugui hand towels.

New noren curtains
33"W X 59"L Ukiyo-e noren (cotton and rayon)
33" X 59"L Colorful umbrellas polyester-noren
33" X 59"L night owls polyester-noren

New furoshiki wrapping cloths
68cm square silk luxury furoshiki
68cm square "Maiko"-Girl (hostess) rayon-furoshiki
68 cm square rabbits on the moon rayon-furoshiki
90 cm square colorful cranes polyester-furoshiki
New Tenugui hand towels
Brown background lotus tenugui
Yabusame (Japanese traditional archery riding on a horse)
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Server maintenance completed

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The server maintenance by the provider has been finished. Now you can access to our web site without any trouble.

Thank you!

November 13, 2013

Our web site may be invisible for two hours

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Due to our provider's server maintenance, our web site may not be visible properly for maximum of two hours during the time window of 0:00AM - 4:00AM of November 14th JST. Sorry for the inconvenience. Shopping can be possible, but some icons and designs will be invisible.

Thank you.

November 9, 2013

New craftsman's bag added

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We added three leather bags. These bags are handmade by a craftsman named Shitata-san. I got to know him through an introduction by a tenugui factory manager. Shitata-san live in Sendai city (where a huge earthquake hit in March 2011), and his concept is to manufacture leather bags incorporated with Japanese traditional fabric such as Kimono obi (silk belt) and furoshiki wrapping cloth.
Shibata-san's carrier is unique. He once belonged to Japan air force as a pilot, and then worked for Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. as a helicopter test pilot. He has been creating leather bags off work as an armature. Recently he turns into professional bag craftsman.
These bags are quite unique, beautiful and eye-catching!
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November 8, 2013

Traditional motif greeting cards added

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We have added greeting cards with many designs. The printed pictures are flowers, birds and landscapes of traditional motifs.
Inside each card, a white plain message paper is included. These cards will be suitable for any occasion - happy birthday, season's greeting and happy wedding message.

Please take a look at greeting card section here. Here are some designs from the lineup.

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