July 12, 2013

Furoshiki and tenugui will decorate western homes

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We would like to show you how furoshiki and tenugui will add warm, friendly feeling to your living. Furoshiki are originally wrapping cloths for carrying items, but still applicable for home decor. Wide variety of traditional designs are hand-printed on furoshiki.
Tenugui are originally for hand towels and wiping sweat when you play Kendo and Judo martial arts. However, wide range of designs hand-printed on tenugui let people collect and utilize for home decor and fashion. What is unique to Japanese traditional products is that utilitarian purpose and art purpose are joined together.  However, in spite of art, they are still affordable for daily living.
Please get inspirations by referring the demonstration photos.  I shot these photos at an apartment in New York.  

Large cotton furoshiki are suitable and look nice for a coffee table in the living room. I used three different designs for demonstrations - purple fish designred & pink patch work design and mustard yellow design.



A furoshiki is also suitable for a kitchen table decoration. Cotton furoshiki is durable and machine washable.  Enjoy Japanese Oriental taste in your kitchen.

The falcon furoshiki decorates the wall.

Hand-printed tenugui are another tools for decorating your interior - tenugui will decorate a coffee table, dinning table and the wall. Please see the photos below. I also hung noren door curtains for the demonstration.

There are no right and wrong sides to so-called "Chusen-dyed" traditional tenugui. So, two of the reversible sakura shower tenugui will make one tree image when you layout them side by side. The tenugui decoration rods are available at our store.

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