September 14, 2013

We produced tenugui for Kendo Club Poitires

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We would like to announce that Kendo Club Poitiers ( in France gave us a great opportunity to manufacture the original tenugui of the club. Mr. Jean LAMOUR from the club kindly sent us a photograph of the members smiling with  the tenugui, and he generously gave us a permission to post this photograph on our website and blog.

The club designed the tenugui of a Kendo boy fighting against red mask daemons, and we handmade the tenugui by the traditional dyeing method called "Chu-sen" in Japan. Before starting to manufacture the order, we asked the club to simplify the initial design to be producible by "Chu-sen" method, and the club kindly accepted our requests. We asked the club to reduce the number of daemons to make the size bigger, to make outlines more simple, and to change the positions of leaves and letters not to overlay each other.  We spent one month for creating hand-cutting stencil and dyeing all tenugui.

Thanks all the members of boys, girls, ladies and gentlemen of Kendo Club Poitiers for participating in the photograph shooting, and thanks again for this great opportunity.

Kendo is a Japanese traditional martial art to train minds and bodies, and is widely loved by all generation to maintain health. Kendo is a very good sport.

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